Aug 09 2017

By Georgia Holland


In the fourth quarter of this year local sporting clubs will be able to apply for the local sport defibrillator program.

Spectators and players at community sports clubs will benefit from the statewide rollout of defibrillators.

This year’s budget has allocated $4 million over four years to assist in the purchase and maintenance of Defibrillators.

The first eight minutes after a person has a cardiac arrest are the most critical and early access to CPR and defibrillation can increase the likelihood of survival by up to 75 percent.

Over the weekend in the states Central West, quick thinking of two university students and a defibrillator on hand kept Rugby Coach Steve Hanson alive until ambulance officers arrived at the scene.

More than 2,500 AED’s will be rolled out over the next four years as well as training in how to use them.

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