Jul 31 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Snowy River Alliance is supporting the call for a full and independent investigation of the water management. 

It comes after The ABC Four Corners episode “Pumped”, which revealed massive water extraction discrepancies and a lack of action by the NSW Department of Primary Industries - Water (DPI Water) in probing these. 

Vickii Wallace, Chair of the SRA said they have witnessed similar issues occur with respect to the Snowy River and its rehabilitation.

SRA has fears about the integrity and capacity of DPI Water to understand and comply with the full raft of Snowy Water agreements and legislation.

To date, the three governments, NSW, Victoria and the Commonwealth have invested $1.2 billion in repairing the health of the Snowy River.

They want full assurance that the investment will not be wasted under the current DPI Water administration and call that the licence review be deferred until the investigation is completed.

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