Jul 14 2017

By Georgia Holland


Since 1997 the Monaro Committee for Cancer Research has raised over $1million through various successful fundraising events.

This year for the 20th anniversary, the organisation has decided to perform themselves, giving a very fitting rendition of the play "Calendar Girls".
Tickets will be on sale from 6am, Monday 24th of July.

The show will be on at the Cooma Multi-Function Centre on the 8th & 9th September.

President of MCCR Sandy Schofield says the idea came about in 2010 when some of the group saw the play at the Royal Theatre.

The Committee is a non-profit organisation, run by Monaro volunteers.

The original aim was to hold a major fundraiser in the Monaro district every three to four years.

Funds from the functions have been distributed in two main directions – research and support for local cancer care facilities.

The major share of money raised has been used for creating assistance for cancer care nurses caring for patients in the Monaro region. In addition equipment has been purchased for Delegate, Bombala and Cooma Health Services.

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