Jun 13 2017

By Georgia Holland


The 2017 snow season was off to a stellar start with thousands of snow goers hitting the slopes for their first slides of the season. 

Spectacular blue and sunny weather along with good early season snow conditions, saw this as one of the best starts to the winter in years.

Police are cautiously optimistic, as fine weather and great snow saw visitors able to enjoy the region.

There were a few minor incidents, including a 31 year old Castle Hill male fined $550 after refusing to leave the Thredbo Hotel on the 12th of June.

A similar incident at the Lake Jindabyne Hotel saw a 29 year old male receive the same fine for refusing to leave the premises.

Police also attended Thredbo where 13 walkers went out walking in the back country and missed the last eagles nest chairlift down.

They called emergency services, Thredbo staff assisted police, turning the chair lift back on, getting the walkers down with no issues.

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