May 25 2017

By Georgia Holland


The winter season is just around the corner, and Jindabyne Central School is expecting over 70 students across the whole school during the coming weeks.

Principal Steve Cooper says they've planned throughout Term 1 & 2, and structured the school and classes to be more flexible.

In other JCS news the school are continuing to have constructive meetings with the Snowy Monaro Regional Council.

work has commenced on Snowy River Avenue, and the car-park adjacent to the school.

The work to Snowy River Avenue will include improvements to the unofficial road crossing area opposite the toilet block, and improve road crossing and footpath safety for pedestrians.

The work will conclude before the June long weekend.

May 25 2017

By Georgia Holland


Local Optus customers have been experiencing disruptions to their calls, texts and data services.
Optus is currently upgrading its mobile network in the Snowy Mountains region to prepare for the upcoming snow season.

In a statement, Optus say upgrade work needs to be undertaken during daylight hours due to the difficult terrain in the region.

As a result of the upgrades, Optus mobile customers in Cooma, Jindabyne and parts of the Monaro Highway between Cooma and Canberra, may experience disruptions.

They have apologised to their customers.

May 24 2017

By Georgia Holland


The cost of the Snowy Hydro Scheme 2.0 could be double the initial $2 billion estimate.

The Herald Sun reports the price tag doesn't include installing new power transmission lines to hook up the station to the national electricity market.

Snowy Hydro Limited chief operating officer Roger Whitby says work was being done with power company TransGrid to determine the cost of building new transmission lines.

He said this would likely cost less than $2 billion but more than $1 billion.

In a senate hearing it was projected that the best case scenario would see the project finished in four years, but it could take up to a decade.

Machines will begin testing the ground within the next four or five weeks.

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