Jun 28 2016

Another horse has been found shot to death in the Snowy Mountains.

The animal's body was discovered over the weekend on a farm just outside Adaminaby.

It follows the discovery of  six wild horse carcasses at Long Plain in the Kosciusko National Park several weeks ago, and five, including a pregnant mare, across the Victorian border.

Monaro Local Area Command Chief Inspector Michael Trambie, says its concerning that it appears illegal hunting is still a regular occurrence in the region.

"There was also a number of kangaroos that were found deceased around the horse too- so obviously someone is getting onto properties and illegally shooting so we'll be having a look at that over the next week or two, to see if we can gather some more information and try and find out what's going on- track down who it may be, and if they are on there illegally then we can take action against them," he said.



Jun 27 2016


Police are urging motorists to be patient and take extra care on the roads, following the release of dashcam footage showing a vehicle within seconds of a head-on collision with a truck on the Monaro Highway.

The footage recorded on Friday shows a white ford attempt to overtake a vehicle at about 130km/hour before swerving out of the way of oncoming truck by only millimeters.

It was recorded outside Cooma by truck driver Richie Gillman, who told ABC news its a common occurrence on the Monaro highway.

He said a truck travelling behind him called over the radio "you're kidding, look out", before the vehicle shot past.

Monaro Chief Inspector Michael Trambie says the truck driver has contacted police, and the Cooma branch are hoping to liaise with him to try and get further information, and possibly identify the motorist.

He says motorists need to be patient along this stretch, with the arrival of the ski season, and an increased number of vehicles along the road.

"The opportunity to overtake will come when the overtaking lanes present themselves. You need to be patient, and take your time, you will get to where you're going- you might not get there as quick as you want to- but you will get there," he said.


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