Aug 03 2015

Jindabyne Town Centre Men's and Ladies Public Toilets, are set to be closed Wednesday and Saturday nights due to continued vandalism.

The toilets are set to close from 10pm to 6am every Wednesday and Saturday during the winter season.

According to the Snowy River Shire Council, vandalism continues to be a big issue during winter, meaning much of rate payers money goes to fixing the toilets.

Snowy River Shire Mayor John Cahill said they're hoping by restricting the use of the toilets it will in turn reduce vandalism.

"We continue to get vandalism in these facilities and as a result it's becoming quite costly to keep them open," said Mr Cahill.

The Disabled Toilet at the Jindabyne Town Centre Public Toilets will remain open and
is available for public use during the closure times, but if they continue to be vandalised they will also be closed.

Jul 31 2015

The Snowy River high flow water releases are set to begin in August, with the department of Primary Industries Water warning land owners who are down stream to make plans.

The high-flow water releases are set to begin August 12th, with the first day set to release over 3000 mega-litres over an eight hour period.

The flows are designed to mimic the natural flow characteristics seen in Snowy Mountain rivers, with the aim of improving the long-term health of the iconic Snowy River .

DPI Water Director Surface Water Management Paul Simpson said Lake Jindabyne will not appear to change, but people need to be careful downstream near rivers.

"The flows are going to be higher than normal, so residents should take extra care when the releases are on," said Mr Simpson.

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