Oct 09 2015

T-shirts can be used to treat emergency snake bites according to NSW paramedics, as long as they are tied not too tight.

With the weather heating up snakes and spiders will be more active, meaning a greater potential to be bitten when mountain bike riding,  bush walking or even cleaning the house.  

This comes as a 20 year old woman was bitten on the leg by a brown snake in East Jindabyne.

NSW Ambulance Inspector John Brotherhood said suggests t-shirts can be used in emergency situations rather than bandages. 

"Snake bites should never be treated with a tourniquet as it will cut the circulation off, oxygen is needed to combat the venom," Mr Brotherhood said. 

Oct 07 2015

Former Eden Monaro MP Bob Whan died last Sunday night, aged 82 years, suffering a cardiac arrest. 

Mr wWan served in the Whiltlam government from 1972- 1975, where after he was made a life member of the Labor Party.

Mr Whan also served as chief of staff for politician Richard Amery.

He is also being remembered for his major contributions to the Australian wool industry.

His son, former Labor politician Steve Whan, paid tribute to his father on social media saying he was a Labor man and he lived for the party. 

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